Welcome to Tantra-Mandala...

...the Tantra Center Hamburg. We are specialized in Tantra seminars, workshops and Tantra massage.

Tantra seminars and workshops

Currently all our seminars and workshops are given in german. If you understand german, you are more than welcome to check for our portfolio on the german version of this site.


Tantra massage

Beside Tantra seminars and workshops we offer Tantra massages, too. You can enjoy them even if you do not speak German. For many people a Tanta massage is the first contact with Tantra and to sense their own body engery. On our site you find many information about the massage and our own produced Tantra massage DVDs

Tantra massage

Our Mission

Everyday life is overshadowed by our work and social obligations, and more and more by existential fears and other worries. Words like "stress" and "burn-out syndrome" are used daily.

every day life

As a result, we may suffer from inner restlessness, relationship issues, physical pain and potency problems.

We can show you new ways to reactivate your own energies, so that you can feel well again.


Neo-Light-Tantra as well as Neo-Light-Yoga is developped by ourselves in order to satisfy the needs of the the time to-be.

The Light mediation is the foundation for this new style of Tantra, which Samatha is teaching worldwide.




The World-Tantra-Link-Base is our 2nd internet site. It is the first multilingual platform for linking tantra worldwide based on the worldwide first linked map system.

Our products (Tantra toys, CDs und DVDs) can you order from this site.